Vuvuzela Teambuilding Workshop

Team Building

A Musical Representation of Ubuntu

"This means that no one will play louder than others, and no one will play the same rhythm. What people play will interlock with others and complement what others offer." The Vuvuzela Orchestra is offering that musical idea in corporate workshops. This workshop can happen in your boardroom as easily as on a soccer pitch, can involve six participants as easily as six thousands and involve your staff in making music and extend their creativity using an idea that was used millennia ago by our ancestors using kudu horns and is now used by soccer fans using vuvuzelas. Sets of seven tuned instruments which can be played in a variety of ways are given to the participants, each sounding a different note. The instruments are color coded to enable anyone without any training to take part. The Vuvuzela Orchestra has hit a nerve with the South African public. The first reaction to the idea that a Vuvuzela can make music is laughter… It sounds just about impossible but both the fans who dislike vuvuzelas and those who love them welcome the sound the Vuvuzela Orchestra produces and the chance to make real music together. The Vuvuzela Orchestra: - Uses an ancient African music making idea. - Generates a great amount of positive feeling. - Has received coverage on all major TV and Satellite channels as well as radio. - Entrenches the Vuvuzela by including their call and response patterns in the song arrangements. - Creatively extends the Vuvuzela into making chords.

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