The Soapgirls


Sexy, Sassy Pop Duo

The SoapGirls are pop. They’re dance. They are two super-sassy girls with linked minds and souls. They’re the epicentre of a new sound reverberating across the globe.

The SoapGirls are Camille and Noemie: Two French African blonde bombshells who are warm hearted girls, born performers and are made for the spotlight.

The SoapGirls are insanely focused, passionate and professional in everything that they do and don’t believe in half measures.

They also have the kind of telepathic connection: ask them any question and they’ll answer together – two girls speaking as though with one voice. Freaky? Yes, but fun – and fearless.

Just like Camille and Noemie

Once on stage, this energetic pop duo will bewitch you, not only with their catchy melodies, but will brain-wash you with a dazzling stage show and before you know it you’re hooked!

If The SoapGirls were a Lemon-Drop, they’d be that awesome sweet and sour taste… Totally addictive!

About The SoapGirls

The SoapGirls have been in the limelight, their whole life. The dynamic duo started off in quaint Hout Bay, where they dressed in identical outfits, sang and danced to sell handmade soap (now you know where the name came from!).

The girls did this for eight years non-stop come rain or shine, meeting travellers from around the world donating all the profits to the homeless and needy, abandoned animal shelters and other charities. Even the likes of Nicholas Cage and Jarred Leto have bought soap from them.

While communicating with so many tourists they became enamoured with other cultures, learning phrases from sixty-four different languages along the way in addition to their home languages of English and French.

Now having become a tourist attraction in their hometown, the girls get fan mail from across the world that spills over from one scrapbook to the next.

Camille and Noemie were born in Paris although they now consider themselves French African.

The sisters spent their formative years just a stone’s throw from the Eiffel Tower before immigrating to South Africa and wreaking havoc in a school system that was far too conservative for their cheeky anti-authoritarian spirits and they follow their passions instead of living by anyone else’s standards.. Perhaps it is this urbane heritage that gives The SoapGirls songs a sound that is truly global, but staying as unique and fresh as the bright and free young republic they now call home… or, perhaps it’s the sensibilities of their mother and mentor, who long-ago taught the girls that rules sometimes exist to be broken and that strong women can shape their own destinies no matter who blushes, gasps or tries to stand in their way. That destiny is now – The SoapGirls have truly arrived.

The SoapGirls Music

The SoapGirls have the look and the attitude – but their real talent shines in the songs and the music.

Sexy. It’s Outrageous And Pink… a bright new sound that has been meticulously crafted

around the unique pairing of their voices. It’s the fresh new face of pop with an energetic dance feel coupled with catchy hooks, funky beats and mischievous lyrics.

There is something about The SoapGirls songs… When you hit play the beat starts running through your veins, your heart dances to the melodies and the sound of The SoapGirls sizzles in your brain (we warned you that they’re addictive!).

Listening to their music style, the influences are not what you’d imagine. Camille and Noemie cite classics like Madonna, Blondie, Queen and David Bowie, the edgy-pop styling of photographer, David La Chapelle, contemporary stars like the late Aaliyah, or Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga and Kylie Minogue, and far-flung inspirations such as French pop superstar Alizée and the French nightclub scene. But they’re not afraid of a rockier sound, and enjoy good guitar riffs,

Travis and The Cardigans – and older greats like Billy Idol, The Who and the classic team-up

between Run D.M.C. and Aerosmith.

If life is for the living and loving then The SoapGirls are the soundtrack.





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