Tessa Ziegler

Solo Musicians / Duos

Romantic Classical Guitarist

Tessa has developed a successful career as a professional performing artist, playing regularly for private and corporate functions.  She has performed on numerous occasions for the Soirée Society, for the Classical Guitar Society of South Africa, for PACT, at the Grahamstown Festival, on radio and over many years on television, not only as a musician, but also as a presenter and actress. She joined the National Symphony Orchestra in accompanying Pavarotti on his visit and was the opening act for the “Hollies” SA Tour.

The multi-faceted creative talents of Tessa Ziegler found an early focus in music, when she started playing piano at the age of five. At the age of nine, she began playing the classical guitar.

The Spanish guitarist, Narciso Yepes, innovator of the modern 10-string guitar, also had a profound influence on Tessa’s musical development, and she studied with him intermittently over the years. She was the first student to play the classical guitar as one of her instruments for music in matric and continued her musical education at Wits, obtaining a B.Mus. (Hon) degree.

Tessa’s recording career has produced, amongst other, eight solo CD’s. She collaborated with David Hewitt as a duo for almost 20 years. She has subsequently done an album with the rock guitarist, Mike Pilot and another with soprano, Danielle.  Her classical guitar repertoire is varied, from pre-Baroque, classical, romantic music to current, more popular ballads.

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