Tiya Joy


Dynamic Performer

Tiya Joy is a fresh and dynamic upcoming female performer. She began singing from a very young age, and has been training at a professional singing school for three years. This 25-year-old vocalist exudes charisma and versatility, embracing genres from jazz to soul, RnB, pop and Gospel. She has a degree in Film and Television Studies and Drama and was born to be on the stage. A vocalist in one of Cape Town’s leading Gospel Jazz bands, Tiya has also performed as a soloist at various corporate entertainment showcases, and community events for the past five years in her hometown of Cape Town.

 “I’ve ALWAYS been singing. I eat it, breath it, live it,” she says.

In addition to sharing a birthday with the late Whitney Houston, Tiya is inspired by Mariah Carey. A dancer and choreographer, she also enjoys creative writing, including poetry and song writing. Audiences respond to Tiya’s optimistic, fun personality and her obvious love for performing, but she also has a deeper side. “I appreciate all the sad and bad that I’ve been through, because it’s brought me to where I am today - and where’s that? SUPER Strong!”

 This versatile young performer believes that music is her way to reach other people, and make a difference. Her goal is to show the world what South Africa is made of.

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