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Fabulous Brass Street Band

Ballistic Brass is a street band, consisting of six of the best musicians in the Delft Big Band. Star of the show is the Sousaphone, a very large wrap around brass instrument, played by Lorenzo Blignaut, lead trumpeter in the big band. The Sousaphone, which is very impactful visually, due to its large size, produces a booming, resonating bass line, which makes for a stirring renditions of musical numbers. Ballistic Brass performed at the Liverpool Brouhaha Festival, as well as the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival, in 2014. They also performed for Prince Charles and Camilla, and had the honour of being introduced to them. 

The band needs no electronic amplification, and can either play in a static setting, or can walk around playing. The line up consists of five brass instruments, including the Sousaphone, and a drummer.

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