It's a Bling Thing

Lu Chase stars in a stylish comedy Burlesque, dressed to the nines in Corsettes and Bustles, complete with feathers.

Burlesque is experiencing a new wave after the movie, and Lu Chase is well known for her Burlesque performances in Vaudeville in Cape Town, where she has starred in 3 of their shows. Burlesque harks back to the days of glamour and glitz, but is given new life and a twist by the chosen songs and comedy that mixes both old and new.

Lu is a consummate singer/actress/dancer and the SAMA award nominee effortlessly creates the glamour and glitz of Burlesque, whilst being classy and full of fun. Combining anecdotes between her songs, reminiscent of Mae West’s wit and humour, she adds refined wit to engage and entertain her audience.

This is classy, old style glamour with new wave impact, wrapped up in fabulous corseted Lu and her dancers, that sizzles and entertains whilst maintaining a classy act that will appeal to all.

Incorporating famous cover songs from artists like Shirley Bassey, Cher and Eartha Kit to name a few, the show moves through a kaleidoscope of songs and fabulous dancing, combined with great costumes and a great script.

The show, which is an ode to everything Bling, takes us on a themed journey of precious stones and metals, from Pearlesque to Golden Delicious, from Diamond Diva to Silver Siren.



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