African Dawn


A Tribute to Africa

A journey of the best of South Africa including famous songs like Paradise Road, Pata Pata, The Click Song, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Meadowlands, Mama Tembu’s Wedding, Weekend Special and Circle of Life, from the Lion King.
Vocalist, dancer, drummer, percussionist and songwriter SANGE, depicts her performance presence. It means “hug” as she embraces and takes care of her audience by healing their souls through music.Sange is also a member of a musical show entitled Under African Skies aka Diamonds and Dust with whom she performed around Western Cape, Sun City, Eastern Cape, Johannesburg, Durban, Barhain (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Turkey and the Caribbean Islands.
The dancers, all consummate professionals accompany the singer and even add to the evening with a Speciality “Coke Can”Dance as well as performing contemporary Hip Hop, up tempo and Kwaito dances in modern African costumes.


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