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Pedro has spent his life exploring traditional African Instruments and perfecting playing them. Starting his life in Europe, as a guitarist, he came to South Africa many years ago and became fascinated with the sounds of Traditional African Instruments and how they have evolved. Talking to Pedro is an education in the music of Africa, and he has lectured at many South African Universities and played with many African artists all over the world. Pedro formed the Vuvuzela Orchestra, which played at many functions and fan parks during the world cup. The Vuvuzela Orchestra takes the plastic Vuvuzela and by pitching each one differently, is able to produce many well-known tunes.

Apart from Pedro’s extraordinary knowledge of traditional instruments, he has dedicated himself to ensuring that young people do not forget their heritage, and his story telling to young people is fast gaining popularity. He performed in story telling shows in Cape Town, which sold out.

Pedro’s deep knowledge of traditional instruments and how they were first played, has led him to develop the most exciting team building experience based on traditional values and the high ethics of the myriad of different cultures that we have in South Africa. The one abiding theme running through the traditional use of music is the sharing and Ubuntu philosophy that comes with playing and harmonising together. His ONE PERSON, ONE NOTE corporate team building experience is truly an awesome and different experience that leaves one understanding the true integration of any community.


Pedro : "This I do with the "One Person, One Note" pipe ensemble. Each person gets given a tuned and colour coded pipe to play. I get them to do the chords for a variety of songs and play the lekgodilo flute myself. This pipe ensemble is the musical representation of the original Ubuntu philosophy and carries many human and corporate lessons that are learnt at the subconscious level while playing the music and having fun.
I have done a few over the years, the last one in 2010 at Mount Grace for Standard Bank

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