Marcel Oudejans

Team Building

Magic and Message

Marcel combines the power of Magic & Message to ensure your audience remembers the message. Personally trained & mentored in the USA  by the world’s leading infotainer, Joel Bauer, he delights in writing and presenting customised performances that deliver your message in an engaging, interactive & compelling manner. And for the past 5 years, Marcel has been doing just that – presenting customised performances for team-building events, keynote speaking, marketing presentations, entrepreneurial training & sales events.

To ensure that your audience remember the key points and that your company achieves its event goals, Marcel delivers your desired message in a way that is so engaging, that within minutes everyone will be captivated and considering how to implement  Marcel’s ‘take away’ points.

In addition, Marcel also offers the unique add-on feature of ‘Customised Script Development’. Remember to enquire about this service because can be of immense benefit to your event!

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