Jeremia Lekgetho

Dancers & Choreo

Choreographer / Performer

Jeremia Lekgetho is a renowned choreographer, performer, teacher and coach who has been choreographing, teachning and performing for over a decade. Jeremia has performed on many stages worldwide and nationally as well. His credits include stage productions and TV productions and he has choreographed for various companies. Jeremia performed at the Sun City Extravaganza.


Assistant choreographer for Afrika-Afrika Circus (Germany)

Head choreographer for Dance Your Butt off Season 1 & 2 (South Africa)

Choreography for (The Swankers) Episode 1 of Inkaba (South Africa)

Choreographer for RT Concerts Cabarets & Corporate events (South Africa)

Flashmob choreography including the Mastercard Tap & Go (South Africa)

Choreographer for Lindiwe Bungane’s music videos (South Africa)

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