World Music sound with a South African blend

Growing up in South Africa and absorbing indigenous sounds and immersing himself in the rural rhythms of the Limpopo Province, Shen Winberg has a definite ethnic blend to his music. After a degree in Jazz music, and with a love for house and pop music, ShenFM is a fusion of all of the above, creating a commercial yet ‘world music’ feel to his compositions.

“I love you. You know who you are. You know you are a great singer.” - Unathi, SA Pop Idols Judge, 2012

ShenFM’s music is an eclectic mix of beats, up tempo yet still peaceful, dance-able but not overpowering. 

“You guys are real tight man, super slick!” - Robert Trujillo, bass player for Metallica, 2013

They have played in America, France, Ireland, Dubai, Sweden, Angola, Malawi, Angola and of course, South Africa. They’ve played with Jeff Bridges in Cape Town, Vusi Mahlasela in Sweden for Her Majesty Queen Silvia, opened for Lionel Richie in Dubai, GoldFish, Locnville, Freshly Ground and Watershed among many others...

“What a great band.” - American actor Jeff Bridges, 2012

With an album already out on iTunes, ShenFM is about to release the next one in early 2017.  Radio stations like 5fm, Kfm and Goodhope to name a few, are already playing ShenFM’s new release ’A Simple Kind of Paradise’. 


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