Uplifting, danceable and absolutely authentic

Donovan Copley has a passion for connecting diverse groups of people which reflects in the music and make-up of his dynamic performance vehicle, HOT WATER. His unmistakable and iconic AFRI-CAN guitar immediately also indicates
a unique cross-over appeal.
Blending African rhythms and melodies with Western folk, rock and pop, Hot Water weaves a tapestry that is accessible across the world. They have proved it too, with headline performances - this last year alone - at both the biggest world music Festival in India and the biggest African music Festival in Europe.
Their song “WAMKELEKILE", which means “Welcome” was written with the intent of welcoming an international audience to the Spirit of (South) Africa. In a perfect reflection of this purpose, the song was selected for use in the Warner Bros blockbuster film BLENDED (starring Adam Sandler) because out of all the songs researched, the producers’ felt it created the best bridge between Africa and the West. In March 2017 Wamkelekile reached 1 million streams on Spotify (the world’s most popular streaming service).
Uplifting, danceable, theatrical and absolutely authentic, Hot Water’s music and live performances deliver the kind of magic that leave people feeling CONNECTED.

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