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Wian, just 22 years old is considered by many to be one of the best magicians in the world. Featured on SA’s Got Talent, Wian has performed around the world in places like Los Angeles and London for some of the biggest companies like Coca Cola, BMW, Mercedez… Wian makes regular TV appearances and has been seen by millions of people online.

Some of his iconic tricks include the phone in glass bottle, the card through window, changing a picture on someones phone, self tying shoelace and changing water into Coke. He has a unique comedic style which causes laughs throughout the audience during his amazing performance. Wherever he performs, large groups gather, interact, laugh and take out their phones to film him. Wian is an up and coming star, has remarkable experience and is a geniunely nice guy to meet and interact with in person. His act is something most people believe are camera tricks when seen on TV, but in real life they will gasp, scream and laugh. Wian will keep guests talking about his act all night!

‘How did you do that?!’ – Justin Bieber

‘That was flawless!’ – DJ Fresh

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