Breath Of Life

Team Building

Create an Impromptu Orchestra

Breath Of Life is a perfect team building intervention as a stand-alone option or to include in a breakaway corporate event in order to stimulate teamwork and creative thinking on any workshop!

This process uses simple music and breathing tools, which have multiple benefits in strengthening a sense of belonging by bringing focus to one’s own part, whilst being aware of the greater whole.

The participants get to create live interlocking melodies in sync with each other’s different parts, woven in a rhythm between the different groups.

Following this, is a time to enjoy (possibly with a drink)  an Afro-World Music performance by David Tomsu, award winning musician and sound therapist.

This dynamic team building exercise not only provides a connecting fun experience with mild exercise; it also deepens the understanding of the participants of the importance of their unique role within the greater success of the whole. The importance of listening is emphasised, as is the need to adapt and synchronise to the ‘rhythm of the group’, appreciating the support that we lend to each other. 
Rhythm, breath, movement and music also optimizes right and left brain synchronization, to stimulate health, creativity, and out of the box thinking, creating clarity of thought and emotional balance.

Events can be tailored to meet each specific occasion.

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