Musician, Actor and TV presenter

This Diepkloof hunk says that he always wanted to be a singer and an actor.

Impressed by some kwaito greats, he made a vow that he wanted to see himself rubbing shoulders with the likes of Chiskop and TKZee, from when he was a kid. “I have always wanted to be part of the kwaito generation and take the music further,” he remembers. He then got himself involved in cultural activities and sang in school choirs, from an early age.

True to his vow, when he finished high school, he hustled for a deal, as a member of Gunpowder. They struck a deal with Electromode and released their debut album “Paycheck”. A chance meeting with Kabelo in 2004 helped him get a firm foot in the music industry, and Howza featured on four of Kabelo’s tracks on the “The Bouga Luv Album”.

This led to them forming Blackjack after the massively successful single “Sangena”. It was here that his star really started to shine bright, and people got to know him better and regard him as an artist in his own right. His debut solo album “Cut to the chase” proved that he could stand on his own as a solo artist.

“The former Generations star says that this album was about where he is from, where he is going and mostly, what he is about “without beating about the bush”. His latest offering, “World Premier” is exactly that - a newer, more mature sound for his die-hard fans, but is also an album with enough variety to get him another legion of fans. He says, “It’s a showcase to the rest of the world of what my abilities are. I experimented more on this album, not only as a singer but as a co-producer as well.”

With all the hard work that this actor, musician and TV presenter puts into all that he does, it’s no wonder, “World Premier” kept him in studio for the past two years.

He has not only made his mark as the hot boy of Kwaito, but he is also well-known for the role of Adam that he portrayed in Generations, where we saw him rubbing shoulders with some of the top actors in mzansi.

He says he is just as comfortable behind the camera as he is behind the microphone. “It’s just that music came first,” notes Howza. He adds that this avenue opened other doors for him and expanded his fan-base.

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