Morgan Beatbox

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November the 8th 1991 gave birth to one of Mzansi’s soon to be biggest SUPERSTARS.

In 2007, Morgan was first introduced to his love of beatboxing. His inspiration was brought about by the likes of Beatbox sensation Rhazel, whom he began imitating.

Morgan could easy listen and immediately produce the same beat composition. With a bit more practise he was able to produce his own diverse sound where he illustrates himself as a radio that can produce any crowd pleasing sound. You request it, he can play it.

Morgan competed and won the “Halls free your voice” beatbox battle in Johannesburg and aired on Ses’khona on SABC 1. This opportunity broke down all the doors and Morgan continued to perform with the host of the competition, Shimane, in Cape Town.

Continuing his rise to fame, he went onto the E-tv hip-hop show Shizz Nizz where he met up with Lesley Mampe (L.E.S) of Jozi fame and Georgeous.

“Beatboxing should be about having fun and showing your skills…” says Pienaar. He believes in giving other potentially good beatboxers an opportunity to showcase their talents nationally and even globally. Morgan will be going to Thailand to create a market for beatboxing. He believes that, “talent is out there, it just needs to be unleashed...”. Morgan plans to push himself as a beatboxer on an international platform, “to make S.A proud. I want to be known world-wide but still remembering my roots...”

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