A Fantastic Drummer that Sings!

A drummer that sings? Strange, but true!

 Ghapi is the huge man, with the huge voice and huge hairdo that plays up a storm on his huge drum kit! In January 2005 Ghapi was introduced to the public. Ghapi and his three piece band quickly won the reputation as the new Afrikaans rock sensation.

Ghapi’s unique ability to communicate with the audience and the way in which he involves the audience in his performances, places him in a league of his own. He has already had four number one hits: In die Diepkant In, Ek wil jou hê, Dis net jy and Wie ek is . . .. Ghapi’s I like it reached the number five position on the Kovsie FM charts. The song Wens reached number six on the OFM charts and Dis net jy number eight on the Bay FM charts.

With thirty one years of experience, Ghapi is no newcomer to the music industry. Most people got to know Ghapi between 1989 and 2004 as the singer and drummer for the group Georgia. Ghapi’ s first CD, In die Diepkant In, was launched during KKNK 2005. A variety of the songs on this CD are played on radio stations countrywide and even a German radio station deemed it fitting to add some of the songs to their play list. Six of Ghapi’s music videos are currently broadcast on MK89 and kykNET. His first DVD, also titled In Die Diepkant In was released in March 2007, the CD, Wie Ek Is… was released 28 June 2008, and the latest CD, Rock it ! was released 1 July 2009. Ghapi also features on the Naranjo album, Saints & Sinners (released 2010), as well as, Steyn & Ghapi, Unlimited (released 2011)

The name Ghapi is derived from Philip’s nickname, Guppy. As a baby he was a real busy body and his father named him after the lively little fish. “My name must be as authentic as my hair, and what could be better than my own nickname. I adapted the spelling in such a way that it forms a unique word.”

Since Sunday, 26 August 2006, Ghapi’s name regularly appeared in the media. Ghapi wrote and composed the song Idol which was performed by the winner of the Idols competition, Dewald Louw. During April and May 2010, Ghapi toured through South Africa with “The Queen of Rockstar Supernova, Dilana”. Dilana was so impressed with Ghapi’s energetic performance, that she invited him with his entire band to perform with her in Afghanistan during August 2010. Ghapi is not only a singer, writer, composer and drummer of note, but also manages his own record company, Rock Till You Drop Records. All the products were released by his company.

Ghapi’s career kicked off in 1983 as a member of the family group, Love Corporation. In 1989 the brothers decided to break away and the group, Georgia, was formed. Georgia rapidly won the reputation of one of South Africa’s most versatile bands. They were not only famous for their outstanding public performances, but were also held in high regard as individual session musicians. Since 1989, as a member of Georgia, Ghapi has performed at a variety of night clubs and holiday resorts. During the 1996 National Summer Surf Tour Georgia, the Lemmings, Amersham and Mean Mr. Mustard tour all over South Africa.

 In October 1997, Georgia signed a three month contract with Sun International to perform in Trader’s Horn, Sun City. The contract is extended to April 1999. During this time the David’s Confession, About Time project was recorded in collaboration with co-musician and friend, Mel Botes. The project was launched as a theatre production. A three month national tour in support of the album followed. (David’s Confession hereafter referred to as D/C)

The two brothers return to the club scene during July 1999 as Georgia. They performed between five and six times a week at different venues. Their popularity resulted in regular performances at music festivals, corporate functions and private functions. Georgia took the Afrikaans market by surprise with their first Afrikaans CD, “Langpad” followed by “Half” two years later. During 2006, Ghapi joined Pedro Kruger, Bobby van Jaarsveld, Emo Adams, David Fourie, Bianca le Grange, Jolette Odendaal and Suzanne on stage for the Huisgenoot 90: Die Konsert ! production. During the course of the year 30 performances took place all over South Africa.

Ghapi boasts his own drum school and there are several young and old aspirant drummers in his class. Ghapi owns a recording studio, Rock Till You Drop Studio’s, and a record company/distribution company named Rock Till You Drop Records.

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