Rabbit in a Hat

Team Building

Magic, one of the best attention-grabbing techniques

Do you suspect there are few innovations left in the sphere of team-building? That, to improve group dynamics in your team, you’d need to pull a rabbit out of a hat? Why not try magic? Ilan Smith has the capacity to unify through entertainment, by teaching your group to perform magic themselves. And what better way to build a tighter team? Research shows that magic is one of the best attention-grabbing techniques, able to produce up to 50% more leads! By using your product/brand/message in a magical way, Ilan creates the opportunity to educate and entertain using visual entertainment to bring pleasure and information to people. • Generate More Traffic! • Generate More Leads! • Deliver a Targeted Sales Message! • Maximize your Success! • Be the Talk of the Show! Management Meetings Because Ilan makes your business his business, his productions put a new spark in sales meetings, uplift tense management meetings, makes a sweet change in your hospitality suite. He customizes his show to spotlight your brand, interweaving your message with his magic throughout. Ilan will demonstrate tricks with a customised script dropping in key concepts about your product and company, what you would like people to walk away knowing.

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