Door 6 Produces The Metropolitan Premier Cup Opening Ceremony

11 April 2013 Share this...
Door 6 Produces The Metropolitan Premier Cup Opening Ceremony

Door 6 Entertainment had the privilege of producing the prestigious Metropolitan Premier Cup at the Belhar Stadium in Cape Town. Conceptualised, devised and staged by the Door 6 team, with over 70 artists, the event was a huge success incorporating a dance team choreographed and led by Jennifer Beck, the Black Ties, Felicity Kiran, The Winelands Chamber Choir, Ribbon Dancers, Chris Njokwana - the Champion Football Trickster and Firetribe. The fabulous Fireworks display was choreographed to an amazing sound track put together by Alessandro Batazzi. Here is what the client had to say:

Once again, thank you so much for all the work put in to making the Metropolitan Premier Cup 25th Anniversary so successful.

We have had so many great reviews not only from the client, but from the tournament organizing committee, the Media and the general public.

Many have stated that the opening ceremony was better than the Afcon 2013 Opening ceremony, which is a huge milestone for this event.